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Getting to Know You: Tips for a Fun Buck's Night When Most of the Guests Don't Know Each Other

If you are planning a buck's night for a friend, you may end up dealing with a lot of people who don't know each other that well. For instance, you may invite your friends workmates, personal friends and some relatives. A party with a bunch of people who have never met can be a bit awkward, but there are lots of things you can do to break the ice and make everyone more comfortable.

Play Icebreaker Games

Ice breaker games are any games that help people get to know each other better or that help people to come up with conversation topics. They prevent a bunch of strangers from shuffling their feet, looking at the floor and feeling bored during the buck's party.

One common ice breaker game is "would you rather". In this game, you ask guests a series of either or questions. For example, would they rather be able to fly or have super strength? Would they rather live forever or die at fifty but have unlimited money? Questions like that can strike up a lot of fun debates.

Add Alcohol to the Festivities

Alcohol can be a great social lubricant, and it's a must for many buck's nights. Consider planning a night that takes you bar hopping. A pub crawl can be a great way to see a lot of places and have a few drinks along the way.

The alcohol also helps to break down inhibitions. That can be ideal when everyone doesn't know each other well.

Hire a Buck's Party Bus

Of course, if you're going to be drinking and if you want to integrate multiple pubs into the evening's festivities, you may want to hire a buck's party bus. This ensures that you have a safe mode of transportation, but it also helps a group of strangers to get to know each other.

If everyone is riding in their own vehicles or even carpooling with the friends that they know, those groups may stay separated through the evening. However, if you're all on the bus together, that gives everyone a chance to get acquainted and really bond. You can even play a few ice breaker games on the party bus. For more information, contact a bucks party bus hire service.

Wear Fancy Dress

Fancy dress or costumes is also a great way to break down barriers and encourage strangers to get to know each other. When people wear fancy dress, it effaces their differences, and it gives them something to talk about right away.

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